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How Pumps are Classified

Water and other liquids are used moved from one place to the other with the aid of a pump that makes the movement easy by applying pressure on the liquids. Pumps have been in use since time memorial and is still being used to date. The use of pumps has increased over the years with the advancement of technology that have made them easy to use and become even more efficient. There exist different varieties of pipes differentiated by their functionality and where they are used.

There are varieties of pumps but are placed in to two groups that is dynamic pumps and positive displacement pumps. A type of dynamic pumps is centrifugal pump which depend on the balance of pressure to work and achieve what is expected. The pump is fully dependent on the pressure exerted so as to be in motion depending on the difference in pressure. Centrifugal pumps is among the first pumps to be invented in use and has been in use the longest. Centrifugal pump has had developments due to the advancement of technology.

Submersible pumps are a type of dynamic pumps that can still operate when fully submerged in water. Their hydraulic action is more effective when they are in water, for example septic pumps. Fire hydrant pump system is a dynamic pump that is driven by diesel or electric motor to pump water. The system is connected and is divided into parts that work together in ensuring proper flow and movement of the water or other types of liquids being pumped.

Another type of pumps is the positive displacement pumps which include the diaphragm pumps that are solely air driven. The air in them is made to suit different situations where the liquids are to be pumped from one place to another. The pumps are used in ensuring that toxic liquids are moved safely to avoid any pollution. Another type of positive displacement pumps is the gear pumps that work depending on the action along the mesh. They are very efficient since they can pump any type of liquids including water.

Peristaltic pumps are pumps that can be used for dosing and blending of fluids of a wide variety. These type of pumps can be found in industries that deal with production of liquids that need to be mixed or blended to give out what is desired like in the food processing industries. There is also piston pump that is a type of positive displacement pump that works when the high pressure seals moves alternatively with the piston in the pump. Piston pumps are used in many applications and can also be applied in the transfer of chocolate for example.

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