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The work role of custody attorney is to work with parental guardians in order to persuade a court that their client is better fit to take care of a child. The price of custody lawyers is either a flat fee or a pay by the hour. Qualifying a parent as unfit has been proved in several ways. As a custody lawyer its important to carry out research in which the criteria for an unfit parent and its found in the family or juvenile codes while at the same time visit state courts websites or online service providers to review the requirements in your state. In order to prove that the other is unfit the following are evidences that can be used; photographs, video and audio files of physical or verbal abuse, medical files documenting injuries, the parents criminal record and direct correspondence between petitioner and the other parent.

Concrete evidence is required which is strong and unbiased in order to rule a parent unfit as courts tend to protect the parent-child relationship. Depending on the court’s ruling a child may need to be evaluated by a medical and mental profession. In addition consent by both parents may be required in order for the child to be evaluated. Custody lawyers download the appropriate forms from the appropriate state court websites or an online documentation provider. The appropriate forms are either a petition for custody form or a motion to modify child custody order.

General information such as parental contact, related court cases, current living arrangement, child’s name, birth date and reason for petition or modification are filled in order to complete the form. The grounds of unfitness claim are also included and the evidence complied to substantiate your claim after which its signed and copies of the form made.

State regulations determine whether the case is either family or juvenile case in which its done when the forms are filed including any attachments and sent to the appropriate court. Reviewing the service process rules for the relevant court is done by custody lawyers.

There are several quality traits to being an effective custody lawyer which involves good communication skills. Not only in court cases are they needed to apply people skills but also in their everyday lives as they too are humans. The next is availability in that they are easily found to follow up genuinely concerning a particular case. Every verdict has an impact and custody lawyers need to be wary and should show concern or care when handling the case.

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